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*Disclaimer: I am fully aware that the following narrative weaves in and out of 1st and 3rd person, and, you know, I apologize! It's hard to write your own bio!*

Salakida is a singer, songwriter and producer with a devoted following. She has been compared to many, but the most flattering and humbling comparisons have been Minnie Ripperton, Prince, and Tweet. (I didn't say it, they did!)

Other artists I love who's influence may show up in my own work are Me'Shell Ndege O'Cello, Raphael Saadiq, Phoebe Snow, Tuck and Patti, Sarah Vaughn, Chaka Khan, Rotary Connection...

...a lot of guitar and vocal, colored by jazz and funk and of course early hip hop.

Her incredible career began in Oakland, CA where she developed her ear and appreciation for all styles of music through early performances and exposure to the diverse culture of the Bay Area. Natural ability and a desire to always improve led to session work and background gigs in high school, with her 2nd studio session ever landing her a placement on jazz saxophonist Eddie M's "The Way You Love Me". Subsequent gigs and developing of chops include songwriting and background work with D'Wayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone, Kenny Lattimore, Blackalicious, Tre Hardsen, Allen Anthony and Christion, and a bunch of other amazing artists that I am not listing either because, I don't fully remember because I worked so hard and so much as a youth that some of the details escape me, or, my exposure to them was so short that I doubt they remember me and I don't want to sound crazy (i.e. Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, others). After a brief stint in a band with frequent collaborator Stone Mecca in Los Angeles, Salakida moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue a solo career where she began making a name for herself on the indie soul scene. With the support of DJ's such as Jamal Ahmad at WCLK, DJ Jamad of Afromentals, former editor of Creative Loafing Carlton Hargro, promoter Ron Smith of Harmony in Life, and Wu-International (Wu-tang Clan super fan group), sheer will and love for her craft  she has grown her own fanbase amongst peers and patrons that is loyal, and worldwide. To date she has released two solo projects, "Salakida" and the sophomore digital release "The Resurrection", and two projects under the semi-alias "June" as part of the duo "Jimmy and June". Salakida has written for Soul Jazz artist Carmen Rodgers, Pop R&B artist Russell Taylor and I have a few television placements that I will have to look in my email to remember and add here at a later date. I've performed with Khari Cabral Simmons and the ATL Jazz collective, Gurufish, featured in legendary songwriter Kipper Jones' "Respect Yourself: The Music of  A Movement"  a tribute to the late great John Lewis. I lifted my voice for the Stacey Abrams campaign in 2018 via the National Domestic Workers Alliance. I did the Jazz Festival in Atlanta with Steven Charles and Sonny Emory.  


I'm working on new music, and I love you.

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